Our Technology Partners are all TRL 9, tested, proven and in most cases climate or energy transition award winning solutions to address a variety of power situations within commercial and industrial facilities. This carefully curated group of technologies should be able to cost-effectively address close to 100% of all power and loads within any facility, including vehicle fleets - internal combustion engine or electric vehicles. All come with warranties and guarantees.


Smappee is an award-winning international clean tech company that wants to help its customers save energy and time by lowering their energy use and increasing their energy efficiency. Smappee provides futureproof Smappee Infinity energy management that uses advanced technology to analyse and manage your electricity, solar energy, gas and water usage in real time. The new Smappee EV Base is the first in a series of charging stations that ensures optimal and intelligent charging of electric vehicles.

Smappee EV Charger

Smappee's award winning EV charger is not only for its looks and high quality build but also for its smarts. Smappee's back end provide a whole range of customisable solutions for a single household ensuring stable power management through to DC EV Charging fleets providing the same stable power management and control, plus a whole lot more depending on the business needs.

VTO EcoMoto

VTO EcoMoto provide IE5 rated magnetic levitated motors with exceptional performance and a ROI of around 2 years, depending on application. This ranges from replacing motors in AHUs, pumps, HVAC, and so many more applications within facilities. A Performance Guarantee is provided on the first year of operations.

Arvio Australia

Arvio bring to market one of the most advanced Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) to market, using a Lithium Titanate Oxide cell technology to deliver 35,000 cycles under a up-to 30 year warranty. The solution delivers high power delivery through a 10C charge and discharge rate while being the safest Lithium Ion solution on the market. Not to mention industry leading Round Trip Efficiency. One of the applications is to convert single phase incoming line form the grid to a behind the meter 3-phase application. Now, commercial & industrial facilities can have the power they require to operate and operate efficiently too.


Arvio Australia proprietary software, EJOS for battery and facility energy management, originated from a requirement to remotely monitor and program inverters. Arvio Australia's EJOS combined Battery Management System (BMS) and Energy Management System (EMS), has evolved into an extraordinary cutting edge software solution, capable of over a thousand tasks and values across a broad range of electronic devices and platforms, managing, programming and monitoring energy storage system while seamlessly integrating with third party electrical devices across a facility. Connect and coordinate most electrical devices for optimized performance. This allows the end user to better coordinate and optimise their solar production, battery storage and monitoring and programming of electrical devises to load shed, and save power.


Stratcon.ph is the only registered ESCO comprehensively addressing vehicle fuel consumption, as required by RA11285. GEOTAB is an internationally awarded vehicle telematics unit, in part because they provide a 7 point Sustainability Strategy to improve vehicle fuel and energy efficiency but also provide an ICE vehicle fleet conversion to EV program, to stage your companies conversion as you see fit.


Ubiik's state of the art, tried and proven advanced wireless communications systems will make wired SCADA, PLC and LoraWan networks obsolete. They are the largest supplier of AMI networks solutions in Taiwan through their Weightless LP WAN and LTE based goRAN basestations coupled with Head End System architecture. They are the choice of networks for IOT undertakings given their stable, reliable, unidirectional and efficient products. No more missing data!

SERGI Transformer Protection

The industry leading and only proven fire prevention technology solution on the market. The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR (TP) is a cutting-edge mechanical solution, independent of third-party sensors. It acts within milliseconds following a fault event, rapidly depressurizing the transformer before static pressure can build up. SERGI pioneered the transformer explosion and fire prevention market. It remains the only proven solution against transformer explosions and fires. The TRANSFORMER PROTECTOR, customized for each transformer design, can be installed on both existing and new transformers, from 0.1 MVA to 1,000 MVA and beyond.


Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumer and lighting for the Internet of Things. They provide energy efficient lighting products, systems, and services that enable customers to enjoy a superior quality of light and make businesses more productive and cities more livable.


75 is an IoT-Powered Building Management System (BMS) that offers vertically integrated smart building solution that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software delivering analytics and predictive, proactive building automation right out-of-the-box.


Ecoline is an engineering award-winning technology company specialized in solar thermal hybrid cooling that harnesses solar heat, ambient heat and waste heat to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Ecoline’s Therm-Aire range of solar thermal hybrid aircon is able to reduce energy consumption and reduce rejected waste heat by up to 55% and 4 deg C respectively over other conventional aircons in the market.


SkyCool Systems is a clean energy company focused on energy efficient solutions and new methods for cooling through the innovative radiative cooling material combined with a panel system to improve the efficiency of any vapor-compression based cooling system and saving businesses money and preventing the harmful greenhouse gases.


BrainBox is an autonomous AI technology for HVAC. It utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence technology to proactively optimize one of the world’s largest energy consumers and GHG emitters: buildings.


Metron platforms are a SaaS environment dedicated to industrial groups Energy Management, that democratize data to enable the entire company to participate towards reducing the carbon impact of activities. Accounting from not just electricity but all energy sources a facility may be using including gas, fuel, coal, methane and others.

Solar PV

Solar PV is commoditised and there are hundreds of "installers" in the Philippines. Stratcon.ph provides Solar PV procurement services, in which working for our client's best interest, we undertake a study to size up a system that best suits your facility's needs and power demand based on prolonged power monitoring. Once we have all set parameters we can either recommend several PV Installers or undertake a tender. Always aiming to provide the best price and quality.

Data acquisition & Analytics

It all starts with data collection – the more the better

Synchronized power meter(s) at the gate and or on various loads sends data to the cloud to perform number crunching analytics of the system’s dynamic real-time electrical operation.


PEC compliance primarily addresses safety, efficiency is complimentary

Stratcon undertakes an electrical circuit assessment providing recommendations to ensure PEC compliance and provides cost effective solutions to achieve compliance


Lower tariff agreements and 100% green renewable energy

Stratcon assist our client to contract cheaper power from Retail Electricity Suppliers or WESM spot market, or 100% Renewable Energy under the Green Energy Options Program


Know where and when to shift loads saving expenses

Identify & implement Demand Side Management solutions in line with Time of Use (TOU) or WESM trading prices


Identify inefficient loads, benchmark it, and replace it through an ESCO

Inefficiencies are identified, benchmark their load, appropriate EE solutions are assessed, modelled and the the most cost-effective solution implemented under an ESCO finance model.


Produce cheaper, green and reliable power onsite

Once the load has been measured, reduced and optimized (ensuring minimal curtailment), the appropriate PV power generation facility (plus battery) is sized up and tendered.


With quality data will come optimal automation

After a year of comprehensive data collection, developing a high resolution, complex load analysis providing real time information to BMS or SKADA, Complex algorithm & AI management solutions arise.


Comprehensive Smart Power Monitoring

It all starts and end with comprehensive smart power monitoring, whether addressing RA11285 compliance requirements, attaining real time facility management insights, historical performance monitoring of end loads, and so much more. This is why we are confident that the Smappee Infinity brings to market an industrial quality, best value for money, comprehensive smart power monitoring system. Providing up to 28 Chanels per system, with a free user licence for the life of the product, we only have happy customers from our over 100 installations all over Asia.

Suitable for any commercial or industrial facility

  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Cost efficient
  • Simple to complex
  • Management & Control
  • Water, gas & other inputs
  • Easy to use remote monitoring
  • Class A Billing Options
  • 28 Loads per unit & 17 virtual loads
  • 50A through to 10,000A CT & Rogowski Coil
  • 2 days of data storage
  • 4 choices to connect (incl. MODBUS)
  • API Data grad options
  • Full local support

Real time and historical data analytics

Designed for maximum utility across the multitude of commercial & industrial facility types. Smappee adapts to any existing operational facility with minimal interference during installation. With the ability to remote configure the dashboard and various loads, the requirement to possibly adjust the physical installation is eliminated, as is the risk.

  • Phase Voltage (min/max)
  • Line Voltage (min/max)
  • Current
  • Power Factor (per Phase)
  • Load Factor
  • Harmonics (live & historical)
  • Self-Sufficiency
  • Import
  • Monthly Peak Demand
  • Phasor Display
  • Energy & Power
  • 5-min historical data resolution
  • RE production and usage
  • Reactive Power
  • 3rd part flow meter integration
  • Frequency
  • Self Consumption
  • Export
  • EV Fleet Management
  • Non Intrusive Load Management

Smappee is a PQA - Power Quality Analyser, while also providing management and control capabilities and award winning EV charging solutions - for a single home or a fleet of EVs. Smappee Infinity has been designed to meet the needs of any type of Commercial and Industrial facility on the Low Voltage side. Even if every single facility is different what remains the same is the comprehensive value of insights Smappe provides.

What is the Return On Investment? In some cases it has been one single day.

Every facility is different, Smappee insights are infinite

Monthly Peak Power

Easily dentify the Peak Power Demand (kW) within a day, week, month or year. Cross reference this with your Utility Bill to ensure correct billing.

Real Time Power Monitoring

Smappee's free user license provides continuous live electricity value monitoring across main power parameters and others to provide facility managers with exceptional insights. An available MQTT license provides near real time values.

Solar PV production, export & forecasting

Easily identify and account for solar PV production and that exported to the grid (available in table form). Smappee provides machine learning solar PV production and main load consumption forecasting to better help optimise loads to use 100% solar PV.

Voltage & potential voltage flux

Voltage is a prime Power Quality indicator and is vital to ensuring a safe, reliable and stable power system that doesn't shorten the life of end loads or machinery. Monitor both L to N and L to L across historical value of 5-min for 6 months through a XL Power licence.

Live Phasor Display

A Phasor Display provides insights to the balance of a 3-phase electrical system and the degree of the the leading or lagging load. Thus, providing possible insights for rectification and better active power consumption, lowering kWh consumed.

Identify source of poor Power Factor

Easily measure Power Factor across the facility but also identify by load per phase the source of the overall deterioration to fix the issue instead of investing in costly power factor correction devises.

Live & Historical Harmonics

Easily determine harmonic distortion levels across two time periods and filtering requirements within a facility. This preventative maintenance measure ensures sensitive electronic equipment will not malfunction due to excessive harmonic voltage distortion and current harmonic distortion.

Aggregate Consumption Data

Easily aggregate consumption values in graph or table format across specified time periods in various intervals. Smappee provides 6 months of 5-minute interval data.

Address RA11285 compliance plus a whole lot more

With up to 28 channels and a free user licence for the life of the product, Smappee is the best value for money power, comprehensive power monitoring unit on the market. It will help address RA11285 compliance requirements; AEERC and AEUR reports by Significant Energy Use (SEU) by Activity Area; provide data for Energy Audits, and contribute to your Energy Management System (EnMS) similar to ISO5001 - at a minimum.

Stratcon.ph is also looking for Resellers and ESCO partners to work together in driving the energy transition. If you would like to work together in driving change for the better, please get in touch.