Smappee is an award-winning international clean tech company that wants to help its customers save energy and time by lowering their energy use and increasing their energy efficiency. Smappee provides futureproof Smappee Infinity energy management that uses advanced technology to analyse and manage your electricity, solar energy, gas and water usage in real time. The new Smappee EV Base is the first in a series of charging stations that ensures optimal and intelligent charging of electric vehicles.


Signify is the world leader in lighting for professionals, consumer and lighting for the Internet of Things. They provide energy efficient lighting products, systems, and services that enable customers to enjoy a superior quality of light and make businesses more productive and cities more livable.


Ecoline is an engineering award-winning technology company specialized in solar thermal hybrid cooling that harnesses solar heat, ambient heat and waste heat to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. Ecoline’s Therm-Aire range of solar thermal hybrid aircon is able to reduce energy consumption and reduce rejected waste heat by up to 55% and 4 deg C respectively over other conventional aircons in the market.


Sensgreen is an indoor air quality monitoring and it helps facilities towards HVAC reliability and health via state-of-the-art indoor air quality solutions. Optimal HVAC performance should lead to operational savings if designed properly but either way it will provide a reliable and accurate analysis of a facilities indoor air quality, which is a crucial insight in today’s environment.


RA11285 requires for all Type 1 and Type 2 Designated Entities to report to the DOE on monthly vehicle fuel consumption. Geotab, an internationally awarded vehicle telematics unit provides weekly, monthly and yearly fuel consumption to distance travelled as well as 7 dedicated measures to lower fuel consumption.


75 is an IoT-Powered Building Management System (BMS) that offers vertically integrated smart building solution that includes wireless sensors, equipment controllers and cloud-based software delivering analytics and predictive, proactive building automation right out-of-the-box.


BrainBox is an autonomous AI technology for HVAC. It utilizes self-adapting artificial intelligence technology to proactively optimize one of the world’s largest energy consumers and GHG emitters: buildings.


Metron platforms are a SaaS environment dedicated to industrial groups Energy Management, that democratize data to enable the entire company to participate towards reducing the carbon impact of activities. Accounting from not just electricity but all energy sources a facility may be using including gas, fuel, coal, methane and others.


SkyCool Systems is a clean energy company focused on energy efficient solutions and new methods for cooling through the innovative radiative cooling material combined with a panel system to improve the efficiency of any vapor-compression based cooling system and saving businesses money and preventing the harmful greenhouse gases.

Ultracapacitor Battery Energy Storage Systems

Stratcon designs, supplies, and installs ultracapacitor battery energy storage systems that are superior to lithium-ion on a wide range of critical performance and ESG metrics; no rare earth, up to 80C operating temperature, 25,000 cycles and 20 year warranty – the lowest LCOS on the market.

Data acquisition & Analytics

It all starts with data collection – the more the better

Synchronized power meter(s) at the gate and or on various loads sends data to the cloud to perform number crunching analytics of the system’s dynamic real-time electrical operation.


PEC compliance primarily addresses safety, efficiency is complimentary

Stratcon undertakes an electrical circuit assessment providing recommendations to ensure PEC compliance and provides cost effective solutions to achieve compliance


Lower tariff agreements and 100% green renewable energy

Stratcon assist our client to contract cheaper power from Retail Electricity Suppliers or WESM spot market, or 100% Renewable Energy under the Green Energy Options Program


Know where and when to shift loads saving expenses

Identify & implement Demand Side Management solutions in line with Time of Use (TOU) or WESM trading prices


Identify inefficient loads, benchmark it, and replace it through an ESCO

Inefficiencies are identified, benchmark their load, appropriate EE solutions are assessed, modelled and the the most cost-effective solution implemented under an ESCO finance model.


Produce cheaper, green and reliable power onsite

Once the load has been measured, reduced and optimized (ensuring minimal curtailment), the appropriate PV power generation facility (plus battery) is sized up and tendered.


With quality data will come optimal automation

After a year of comprehensive data collection, developing a high resolution, complex load analysis providing real time information to BMS or SKADA, Complex algorithm & AI management solutions arise.