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Does your business consume more than 100,000 kWhs per year? If so, you have exactly

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Beginning January 1st 2023, the DOE will require a Level 2 Energy Audit which implements power monitoring to observe load performance. Hire a consultant for 2 to 3 weeks of visibility or install smart power monitoring for 24/7 365 days a year visibility?

Need to Finance your Power Monitoring requirements?

Find out if you quality for a free power monitoring installation. Stratcon can finance your power monitoring as well as Energy Efficiency projects, ensuring you meet the RA11285 compliance requirements and guarantee OPEX savings.

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Sustainable Power Services

Stratcon provides a process driven approach to minimising both kWh and kW, reducing tariff rates to maximise OPEX reductions while assisting clients meet RA11285 compliance requirements.

Data Acquisition & Analytics

Stratcon installs synchronised power meter(s) at the gate or on various loads to perform analytics of the system’s dynamic real-time electrical operation and send the information straight to your private portal to view and analyse.

Energy Audits & PEC Compliance

Qualified to undertake Level 2 Energy Audits and Investment Grade Audits, as a requirement under RA11285, Stratcon will also undertake an electrical circuit assessment providing recommendations to ensure PEC compliance.

PSA, WESM Trading or GEOP

Assist the client to contract cheaper power from either a direct PSA, the WESM spot market or a Green Energy Options Program provider.

Demand Side Management

Identify & implement Demand Side Management solutions in line w/ Time of Use (ToU) or WESM trading prices to lower overall power OPEX

Energy Efficiency Services and Solutions

Loads are benchmarked, inefficiencies are identified, appropriate EE solutions are assessed, modelled and the the most cost-effective Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) solution implemented.

Embedded Power Generation and BESS

The most cost effective means to ensure stable, reliable power is to install supercapacitor energy storage systems providing a range of power quality services on top of extended storage and delivery capabilities at an LCOS of $0.05/kWh. Then, to add variable RE is the best pathway to meeting a Net Zero Carbon target.

Machine Learning and AI

After only 4 months of comprehensive data collection, developing a high resolution, complex load analysis, real time information feeds our complex algorithms predicting behaviour, leading to AI management solutions.

Your Power Portal

For each load, IOT, meter or sensor, our easy to use portal will provide historical information along with real time data from which a number of technical, financial and environmental parameters can be tracked all within one screen. Ideal for facility managers, operations managers, business owners, engineering geeks and C-suite executives alike. You will be provided insight to keep track of how power and energy is used or, not used.

Real Time Metering Parameters:

  • Phase Voltage
  • Line Voltage
  • Current
  • Power Factor (per Phase)
  • Load Factor
  • Frequency
  • RE production and usage
  • Temperature & Humidity
  • Reactive Power
  • Other IOT sensor information

Monthly Peak Power

Identify the Peak Power Demand (kW) within a day, week, month or year. Cross reference this with your Utility Bill to ensure just billing. As detailed in the graph, our dashboard also identifies anomalies over a given period which can be further narrowed down to the exact time and cross referenced with other indicators specific departments are identified to know what caused the anomaly. Other indicators include energy consumption, Power Factor, Load Factor, Frequency, Reactive Power, Line Voltage, Phase Voltage, and other parameters depending on meter (CO2, temperature, humidity, etc)

Potential Savings

The bottom graph reflects potential savings through Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) in switching off one of three compressors within a manufacturing plant’s H-VAC system. The upper table indicates the prescribed measure and the extent to which the energy reduction is required. In this example, a 100% of reduction is attained through switching the compressor off, leading to an overall potential savings of 29.7% in power consumption from this unit.

AI Trends

After 4 months of data collection our analytics computer can provide normal operating bandwidths that if any given load operates outside this bandwidth then an alert is provided. This can be directed to facilities managers to investigate specific issues.

Energy Conservation Measure Actual Savings

Stratcon follows International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP) to measure and quantify any ECM undertaken by an ESCO to be paid on savings generated. We act as a third party between the client and the ESCO ensuring an independent evaluation of the actual reduction in power and energy consumption.

Other analytics include multivariable regression analysis, optimisation tools, formula construction on both energy and non-energy inputs for valuable technical and business operation insights.
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