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APRIL 15, 2024

to submit your mandatory annual AEECR & AEUR report by SEU.
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Industry Update - Feb 2024

RA11285 - Energy Efficiency & Conservation Law

Revisions to RA11285 implemented through the below Department Circulars:
  • Reduction of existing baseline from 100,000 kWh down to 50,000 kWh
  • New "Type 3" DE and realignment of classifications
  • Requirement to implement an Energy Management System (EnMS)
  • Submit annual AEECR & AEUR reports based on Significant Energy Use (SEU)
  • Report Building Energy Index (BEI) by prescribed loads & areas
  • Undertake Level 2 Energy Audits every three years (Type 2 & Type 3 DEs)
Links to each respective Department Circular Below
DC 2023-12-0036
DC 2023-12-0037
DC 2023-12-0038
CY 2023 Obligation of Designated Establishments in the
Commercial, Industrial, and Transport Sectors
February 2024

Energy Transition Services

As the Energy Transition moves away from fossil fuels and towards a larger renewable energy mix, coupled with the electrification of everything, each and every commercial and industrial facility must future poof itself against industry and system shocks - minimising any business downtime.

Stratcon's Energy Transition Services begins with baseline analytics of the current status of the facility, including "Step Zero" smart power monitoring. By addressing RA11285 compliance, identification and solutions to facility power situations are provided to improve power optimisation, flexibility and resiliency. Our cyclic approach allows for continual analysis and observation to meet the energy transition, improve energy efficiency while addressing compliance requirements.

Data Acquisition & Analytics

After reviewing baseline information and a walk through, Stratcon install the best value for money, comprehensive power (PQA) monitoring across the facility to perform data driven analytics of the system’s dynamic real-time electrical operation. Inclusive of a FREE user license for the life of the product

  • Preventative Maintenance & Diagnostics
  • Energy Audit data input
  • Load Baselining
  • Monitoring & Valuation (IPMVP)
  • Identify Significant Energy Use & Activity Areas
  • ESG Reporting
  • Energy Management System (EnMS) data requirements
  • Fundamental requirement to optmal facility management

Energy Audits & Compliance

As a DOE Registered ESCO, Stratcon provides Energy Audits and facilitates other requirements to ensure compliance. Stratcon will also undertake an electrical circuit assessments and reporting, providing recommendations to ensure a flexible and resiliant power system.

  • Level 1 & 2 Energy Audits
  • AEECR & AEUR reporting
  • Monitor Significant Energy Use & Activity Areas
  • Integrate Energy Management System (ISO50001 or similar)
  • Power System Analysis
  • System Loss Analysis
  • Electrical As Built Plans
  • Load Testing, Analysis & Profiling
  • System Grounding Analysis
  • Phase Balancing
  • Indoor Air Quality Manageme
  • Vehicle Fuel / Energy Monitoring
  • PEC Compliance
  • Thermal Imaging Loss Assessment

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Loads are benchmarked, inefficiencies are identified, appropriate EE solutions are assessed, modelled and the the most cost-effective Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) solution implemented inline with Designated Entity AEECR.

  • Magnetic Levitation Motor
  • HVAC Control & Automation
  • Solar Thermal Hybrid HVAC
  • Vehicle Telematics + Sustainability Strategy
  • Building Envelope Design Assessment
  • Reflective Heat Polymer Paint
  • Building Management & Control
  • Battery / Energy Storage Solutions
  • Power Quality Rectification

Power Procurement

Stratcon provides clients with the variety of options to contract cheaper power and/or renewable energy from the variety of market mechanisms the Philippine government and markets have made available for Contestable Customers or entities looking to procure 100% RE.

  • Solar PV Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Financing
  • Solar PPA or Lease Agreement
  • Retail Electricity Supplier Purchase Power Agreement (RES PPA)
  • WESM Spot Market
  • Green Energy Options Program (GEOP)
  • Solar + Energy Storage solutions

Demand Side Management

Identify & implement Demand Side Management solutions in line with Time of Use (ToU) or WESM Spot Market trading to lower overall power OPEX

  • LTO Energy Storage Solutions
  • Automations (non-wired)
  • EV Charging (single to fleet)
  • Manage Peak Demand and Minimise Demand Charges

Embedded Power Generation and BESS

The most cost effective means to ensure stable, reliable power is to install supercapacitor energy storage systems providing a range of power quality services on top of extended storage and delivery capabilities at an LCOS of $0.05/kWh. Then, to add variable RE is the best pathway to meeting a Net Zero Carbon target.

  • Solar PV Engineering, Procurement, Installation & Financing
  • Flexible & Resiliant Energy Storage Solutions (ESS)
  • High Power & Long Duration ESS
  • High RE% Hybrid Systems
  • Single Phase to 3-Phase Behind the Meter Conversion

Machine Learning and AI

After only 4 months of comprehensive data collection, developing a high resolution, complex load analysis, real time information feeds our complex algorithms predicting behaviour, leading to AI management solutions.

  • IPMVP Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Digital Twin
  • Real Time Performance Automation
  • WESM Spot Market Arbitrage & Optimisation

Sustainability & ESG

Why do we undertake energy transition services and solutions? To do our part in addressing climate change but also to be increasingly competitive in an ever increasing resource constrained way. We provide advisory services on the following:

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)
  • Development & Procurement of Carbon Credits
  • ESG innovation within your organisation
  • Sustainability and Climate Change initiatives
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