Our Philosophy

Our team of professionals all share common values in addressing the world’s climate change issues coupled with an understanding of local regulatory and business environments to provide specific localised services and solutions.

We are ethical.
We are Service Driven.
We Provide Value For Money.

Stratcon.ph brings to market the best value for money solutions, starting with comprehensive power monitoring providing PQA level insights of the power consumption trends of your facility. Some clients ask us what is the Return On Investment (ROI) to installing Smappee. The reality is that power monitoring is a requirement to meet numerous RA11285 compliance, however, it has been proven to provide insights to existing facility power consumption that has provided an ROI of One. Single. Day.

After gaining a comprehensive overview of your facilities energy consumption, we tailor solutions to our client’s needs. Stratcon.ph delivers incremental investment solutions along the value chain to improve the facilities energy efficiency – lowering power consumption and operational expenses while addressing RA11285. Our IPMVP standardised tool establishes baselines of facility loads for which ESCO or other Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) solution’s real savings are verified. Only once your load is optimised we provide Owner’s Engineering services to install embedded generation solutions.

Why do we do what we do? Energy makes up about 70% of global carbon emissions so being able to address energy and power emissions, while ensuring a stable, reliable, flexible and resilient power system is what the energy transition is all about. By doing so, a company is addressing CSR, Sustainability and ESG requirements.

DOE Registered ESCO

Since 2021 Stratcon.ph has been a Registered ESCO providing numerous clients with a variety of services and solutions, including Energy Audits, Power Monitoring, EnMS integration, HVAC control & optimisation and lighting control solutions.    

An ESCO is an Energy Service Company which is permitted to undertake Energy Audits and provide clients with Energy Conservation Measure undertakings. Basically devise ways in which to improve efficiency of energy consuming devises and then help finance them. Given our customer driven service nature we always look to ensure that savings can be generated from day one of implementing an Energy Conservation Project. This all starts and ends with comprehensive power monitoring.                

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Stratcon Operations Team

Stratcon’s local team are all accomplished and experienced professionals in power and sustainability

Colin Steley

Sustainability Director

Sam Suppiah

Sustainable Systems Engineer

MJ Laceste


Stratcon Advisory

Seasoned & experienced professionals who share the same vision and are looking to achieve the same outcome, which is improve

Dan Millison

Manager, Planet Sea, LLC

Installer & ESCO Partners

Stratcon.ph is currently seeking installer and ESCO partners to work together in meeting the Energy Transition and addressing climate change mitigations needs. We cant do this alone.

We are seeking installer & ESCO partners!

We have a number of reseller and training programs for you and your colleagues to be able to address your client needs. Feel free to get in touch to know more.pp

Come visit our office.

Clients, partners and even the competition are welcome to come and visit us to better understand what we do. Our space also serves as a showroom where we have a number of our Technology Partners software and hardware operational to see first hand how it all works and the real impact it has. Please call prior or write to us first. We might well be out on a job or at lunch!

22-4F Madison Galeries, Don Jesus Blvd.,
Cupang, Muntinlupa City.
+63 (02) 8571 9615

Data acquisition & Analytics

It all starts with data collection – the more the better

Synchronized power meter(s) at the gate and or on various loads sends data to the cloud to perform number crunching analytics of the system’s dynamic real-time electrical operation.


PEC compliance primarily addresses safety, efficiency is complimentary

Stratcon undertakes an electrical circuit assessment providing recommendations to ensure PEC compliance and provides cost effective solutions to achieve compliance


Lower tariff agreements and 100% green renewable energy

Stratcon assist our client to contract cheaper power from Retail Electricity Suppliers or WESM spot market, or 100% Renewable Energy under the Green Energy Options Program


Know where and when to shift loads saving expenses

Identify & implement Demand Side Management solutions in line with Time of Use (TOU) or WESM trading prices


Identify inefficient loads, benchmark it, and replace it through an ESCO

Inefficiencies are identified, benchmark their load, appropriate EE solutions are assessed, modelled and the the most cost-effective solution implemented under an ESCO finance model.


Produce cheaper, green and reliable power onsite

Once the load has been measured, reduced and optimized (ensuring minimal curtailment), the appropriate PV power generation facility (plus battery) is sized up and tendered.


With quality data will come optimal automation

After a year of comprehensive data collection, developing a high resolution, complex load analysis providing real time information to BMS or SKADA, Complex algorithm & AI management solutions arise.